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Microsoft Acquires Real-Time IoT Platform for Embedded Development

Microsoft has acquired Express Logic, creators of real-time operating systems (RTOS) for "industrial grade" embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) development.

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VS Code-Based Particle IoT Dev Tool Now Generally Available

A new Internet of Things development tool from Particle is based on the increasingly popular open source Visual Studio Code editor from Microsoft.

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FogHorn Launches IIoT Machine Learning Edge Solution for Android

FogHorn recently announced the launch of Lightning Mobile, a new edge computing solution designed for industrial machine learning-focused mobile devices running Android.

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SparkFun Releases 'Super' Low-Power Edge Board for Voice, Gesture Recognition

The company says it created the board combination with Google's TensorFlow team specifically for artificial intelligence on the edge that focuses on gesture and voice recognition.

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Microsoft Updates Azure IoT SaaS Offering

In late March Microsoft announced several feature updates to its cloud SaaS solution for IoT, Azure IoT Central. Launches New Smart IIoT Platform for Manufacturers

San Francisco, Calif.-based this week announced a new product just for the manufacturing industry: Crate IoT Data Platform for Discrete Manufacturing.

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Microsoft Announces Windows Server IoT 2019, Windows 10 IoT Updates

Microsoft recently announced that it has a Windows Server IoT 2019 product plus shared some details about it and updates it's made to its Windows 10 IoT products.

Is the Power of 5G Being Underestimated?

According to a recent survey by Accenture of almost 2,000 executives and IT decision makers , most said they think 5G will enable "very few" things that can't already be accomplished.

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ETSI Releases Cybersecurity Standard for Consumer IoT Products

ETSI, a Europe-based tech standards organization, has released a cybersecurity spec for consumer Internet of Things products.

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6 New IoT Development Kits

Here's a round-up of recently released kits, covering a wide range of use cases.

Microsoft Expands Azure IoT Edge Capabilities

Microsoft expanded the capabilities of its Azure IoT Edge solution for bringing cloud intelligence to the edge, adding the capability to run in virtual machines.

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Arduino Announces IoT Cloud Beta

The new cloud offering will reportedly "connect the cloud to the world around you" and providing functionality to "log, graph and analyze sensor data, trigger events, and automate your home or business."


New Ubuntu Core 18 Targets IoT Security

Canonical released a version of its popular Ubuntu Linux distribution specifically designed to run embedded in Internet of Things devices, with a focus on security.

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Study: Device Companion Apps Expose IoT Security Vulnerabilities

With device firmware being too hard to access and analyze, researchers focused on potential security vulnerabilities introduced by code in faulty companion device apps, finding multiple problems.

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Linux Foundation Offers Open Source Framework for Edge, IoT

The Linux Foundation believes the edge computing space -- where IoT and other devices do their own processing -- is so proprietary and fragmented that it created an umbrella organization to bring things to common order, at least in the open source world.

Cisco Takes Intent-Based Networking to the IoT Edge

Cisco Systems unveiled an expansion of its new-age networking solution, with one of the new areas of reach being the edge of the burgeoning Internet of Things.

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Developer Report: IoT Is 'Most Realistic New Tech'

Of all the new game-changing, cutting-edge technologies on developers' radar for 2019, the Internet of Things holds the most promise of immediate real-world adoption, according to a new report from HackerRank.

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Firm Says Nearly Half of Companies Can't Detect IoT Security Breaches

With the Internet of Things gaining prominence on multiple fronts, security still remains a big challenge, according to digital security company Gemalto.

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Java Card 3.1 Bakes In IoT Device Security

Oracle's new release of Java Card 3.1 boosts Internet of Things functionality with features that address use cases in markets including telecom , payments, cars, wearables and more.

Bsquare Touts Cloud in 2019 for IoT, Chooses AWS as Partner

Bsquare sees great things ahead in 2019 for the cloud in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space, in which it offers its DataV suite of edge-to-cloud IoT services and software.