New AMD-Driven Small Form Factor PCs Launching for AI, IoT, Robotics

This week Simply NUC announced a new line of small form factor PCs featuring AMD Ryzen Embedded processors.

Report: 5G Chip Market To Grow to Almost $23 Billion by 2027

According to the report, smart phones, industrial manufacturing, automotive, defense and consumer electronics will lead the demand.

5G, AI and IoT To Double Network Analytics Market Growth in Near Term

The report finds that the complexity of IoT is causing companies to move from traditional network products to AI-powered network analytics solutions that can keep up with the exploding IoT deployments and other new cloud-based technologies.

IBM Updates Maximo Line for Real-Time IIoT Insights

This week IBM announced a new addition to its Maximo IoT Asset Management Product Line: IBM Maximo Asset Monitor.

Building Trust in IoT Technology: A Challenge for 2019 and Beyond

Getting organizations like enterprises and government organizations to trust in IoT technology -- esp. with all the new developments and tools surrounding the tech -- can be a challenge.

Sprint and Arizona State Come Together for 5G and IoT

Arizona State University and telecommunications company Sprint recently announced a joint initiative that will focus on 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), consisting of bringing 5G connectivity to campus, producing a new IoT curriculum, plus several joint research projects.

Windows IoT Adds NXP and SQL Server Support

Microsoft recently spotlighted a few new developments this week coming to its Internet of Things (IoT) product line.

IBM To Add 53-Qubit Quantum System To Cloud-Based Offering

IBM has announced that -- within the next month -- its commercially available cloud-based quantum computing online offering is going to include a new 53-qubit quantum computer.

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AI Boost Coming to Kyron Robotics Automation

The AI Booster software uses machine learning to extract from documents, forms and receipts elements like text, value pairs and tables. The software is able to comprehend the layout and relationships between fields it discovers to pull information from documents.

Cisco Unveils Security Testing for Automotive CAN Bus

The Connected Vehicle Security practice at Cisco has released 4CAN, an open-source, hardware and software tool that lets car manufacturers test on-board computers for vulnerabilities over the CAN bus.

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Microsoft Research Looks to Blockchain for Collaborative AI Development

"Leveraging blockchain technology allows us to do two things that are integral to the success of the framework: offer participants a level of trust and security and reliably execute an incentive-based system to encourage participants to contribute data that will help improve a model's performance."

Critical Zero-Day Vulnerability Exposes Millions of IoT Devices to Attack

Security firm Armis discovered 11 zero-day vulnerabilities -- collectively known as Urgent/11 -- that pose a critical threat to millions of IoT devices running some versions of the Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system.

Partnership To Boost Global Cloud IoT Services and Integration

In July Deutsche Telekom and German software maker Software AG signed a partnership to deliver advanced IoT services globally,

Qualcomm: Android Developers Need a '5G Wake-Up Call'

With new mobile development opportunities coming with early 5G wireless rollouts, chipmaker Qualcomm has issued a "5G wake-up call" to Android developers, urging them to get onboard with the new technology.

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Dell, Orange 5G Partnership Targets Edge and IoT Services

Dell Technologies and mobile service provider Orange recently announced a partnership to deal with new challenges coming with the advent of 5G wireless.

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5G Partnership Targets Edge Computing and IoT Services

Dell Technologies and Orange, a mobile and Internet services provider, announced a partnership to deal with new challenges coming with the advent of 5G wireless.

New Industrial IoT Suite for Shop Equipment Monitoring Debuts

Plex Industrial IoT is a new IIoT suite of tools for shop floor IoT monitoring, maintenance and automated asset management set to launch in July 2019.

AI, IIoT Partnership Adds New Options for Predictive Asset Maintenance

Presenso has announced that its machine learning solution for predictive asset maintenance has been chosen by Siemens to be incorporated into that company's suite of Remote Diagnostic Services tools.

Coming to Azure: Plug-and-Play IoT, Edge Database, Improved AI and Blockchain Support

Microsoft has announced a number of improvements to Azure designed to give developers increased capabilities for IoT and AI projects, plus improved interop with various chipsets and open standards, among other changes.


Linux Foundation's Open Source Zephyr RTOS Gets Major Update

The foundation says that the software is now a "more stable, certifiable option for product makers and developers."