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New Low-Power AI Platform for Edge Applications

BrainChip, a provider of advanced neuromorphic computing technology, has collaborated with Socionext, which specializes in software-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions for video and imaging systems, to create a low-power platform for AI edge computing applications.

China's Blockchain Network Set to Go Live in April

China's planned national blockchain-based services network (BSN) is still set for its official April launch, despite concerns about potential delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

DHL Expands Autonomous Mobile Robot Deployments in its Warehouses

DHL's Supply Chain group is expanding its partnership with autonomous mobile robot (AMR) maker Locus Robotics to deploy more warehouse robots in its fulfillment and distribution centers.

Intel Unveils AI Chip that Learns To Smell, Debuts Neuromorphic System

Researchers from Intel and Cornell University have trained a neuromorphic computer chip to recognize the scent of 10 hazardous chemicals.

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Google Brings Machine Learning, Quantum Computing Initiatives Together in TensorFlow Quantum

Google has unveiled a new software framework for quantum machine learning called TensorFlow Quantum (TFQ) that's designed for rapid prototyping of hybrid quantum/classical machine learning models.

Honeywell Plans To Launch World's Most Powerful Quantum Computer

Honeywell is planning to launch a new quantum computer later this year that it claims will be two times more powerful than any other machine of this type.

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Google, Amazon and University Researchers Program a Robot to Teach Itself to Walk

What Google and the other researchers did was to create a way for "legged" robots to learn and adapt to ambulating challenges in the real world.

Qualcomm's CEO on 5G: It Will Disrupt Everything

Qualcomm laid out its 5G vision during a livestream media event last week and announced a host of products and partner deals.

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Commercial-Grade Tools for Quantum Control Announced

Called Boulder Opal, the Python-based toolset is aimed at developers and R&D teams using quantum control in their hardware or theoretical research.

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AI and Machine Learning Hot Topics at RSA Security Conference

Several announcements of new and updated products that use these technologies stood out at this year's RSAC event.

Microsoft's Azure Sphere IoT Security Solution Goes GA

Microsoft's long-awaited Azure Sphere security solution for IoT devices became generally available (GA) on Monday, almost two years after it was originally unveiled at the 2018 RSA Security Conference.

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5G Mobile Tech Highlights Cisco Internet Report

Blazing mobile connectivity speeds provided by next-gen 5G technology -- up to 13x more than today's average -- are highlighted in Cisco's big new Annual Internet Report, which also warns of bigger and more frequent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

EU Proposes Strict Regulations for AI

The European Union this week unveiled its first proposed regulations for artificial intelligence technology, along with a strategy for handling personal digital data.

Google Optical Sensor Algorithm Helps Robots See Clear Objects

Google's AI group collaborated with researchers at Columbia University and computer vision company Synthesis AI to create ClearGrasp, a machine learning algorithm capable of estimating accurate 3-D data of transparent objects.

Eclipse Foundation and IOTA Launch Working Group for Open Source Distributed Ledger Tech

The Eclipse Foundation has partnered with the IOTA Foundation to form a new Eclipse working group to promote IOTA's open source distributed ledger technology, called the Tangle.

New Arm 'AI Anywhere' Chips Boost IoT, Edge Performance

Chip designer Arm just announced two new processors with the potential to push AI into billions of small, power-and-memory-constrained devices.

Google's Meena: 'Most Human' Chatbot

Researchers in the Google Brain group have been working overtime to develop chatbot software that produces truly human interactions with users. They may have turned a corner with their new Meena end-to-end-trained neural conversational model.

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Study: Quantum Computing 'Noise' Useful for Sustainable Energy

Scientists from IBM Research and the University of Notre Dame have shown that the environmental "noise" that destroys the fragile quantum state of qubits, and typically impedes quantum computer use, can actually be an advantage over classical computing in chemical simulations.

France's Orange Picks Nokia and Ericsson to Deploy Its 5G

French telecoms giant Orange will be working with mobile networking equipment supplies Nokia and Ericsson to deploy its 5G network.

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Iridium's AWS-Backed IoT Satellite Network Goes Live

Satellite network provider Iridium and Amazon Web Services have announced the launch of their collaborative IoT network, Iridium CloudConnect, after a delay of several months.