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Stanford Report Distills the Global Impact of AI and Machine Learning

The HAI also created the Global AI Vibrancy Tool, which compares the global activities of the different countries covered.

New Trust Protocol Combines Crypto with Blockchains

Cybersecurity and IoT company WISeKey this week announced the formation of a new independent, not-for-profit membership organization focused on establishing a new trust protocol for the Internet.

Scientist Use AI To Assemble Frog Cells into a 'Programmable Organism'

A team of biologists and roboticists has created what is being described as "an entirely new life form" by assembling living cells scraped from African frog embryos into millimeter-wide "xenobots."

HPE and Cumulus Bolster Datacenters for AI, IoT and 5G

In a bid to deliver "a flexible networking fabric that is predictable, scalable and reliable," Hewlett-Packard Enterprise's StoreFabric M-Series Ethernet Switches will now run Cumulus Networks' Linux OS and NetQ management software.

Robot Maker Launches Open Source App Templates for Devs

Misty Robotics, creator of the Misty platform robot, recently announced the availability of new Misty as Concierge application templates for its Misty II machine.

Qualcomm Blends AI and Silicon for New Autonomous Driving Platform

Qualcomm wowed CES attendees with its new Snapdragon Ride Platform, an autonomous driving solution that combines the Snapdragon family of automotive systems-on-chip (SoCs) with a purpose-built software stack.

Humanoid Chatbots Take the Stage at CES 2020

One of the buzziest announcements at this year's Consumer Electronics Show was Samsung's much anticipated Neon project, which generates realistic, human-like digital avatars.

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Intel Unveils Cryogenic Control Chip for Quantum Computing

Intel Labs, the research arm of Intel Corporation, has unveiled a first-of-its-kind cryogenic control chip designed to speed development of full-stack quantum computing systems.

AT&T and Microsoft Team Up on Azure Services Using 5G and Edge Computing

Microsoft and AT&T offered an update on their 5G partnership late last month with the aim of using edge computing capabilities to "drive enterprise capabilities" for businesses around the world.

PennyLane Open Source QML Creator Gets DARPA Grant

Xanadu, which is the developer of the open source PennyLane quantum machine learning (QML) software, recently received a grant from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to continue its research in the QML space.

Open Source Edge-Native Working Group Launched

Described as “a vendor-neutral and code-first industry collaboration,” the new Edge Native Working Group was created to drive the evolution and broad adoption of open source software for edge computing.

Education, Diversification Key for Blockchain's Future

Once business people from CEOs to developers and IT professionals have a better understanding of blockchain, it will open the way to greater adoption.

Silver Peak Updates SD-WAN Edge Product for Massive Scaling

Silver Peak, a leader in the software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) space, announced updates to its Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform that allow for massive scaling.

2020 Predictions for Edge Computing

With edge computing increasingly appearing on lists of exciting, transformational technologies along with next-gen future-tech like artificial intelligence, quantum computing and so on, here's what industry experts are predicting for the space going forward.

New AWS Enterprise Search Service Driven By Machine Learning

AWS recently announced a public preview of Amazon Kendra, a new natural language search service for enterprises.

AWS Offers Cloud-Based Quantum Computing Access via Amazon Braket

This week Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced Amazon Braket, a new managed service for quantum computing via the AWS cloud.

PyTorch Update Adds Named Tensors, Quantization, Mobile

With the latest release of its open source PyTorch machine learning library, the Facebook AI research group is ranging into new territory.

Intel Goes for Edge AI Market with New Releases

Earlier in November Intel announced several new initiatives aimed at advancing artificial intelligence (AI) processing on the edge.

New Industrial Blockchain Solution Launched by Walmart Canada, DLT Labs

The companies are calling it the "world's largest full blockchain solution for any industrial application."

Core Scientific Turns Former KY Steel Mill Into High-End Blockchain Data Center

U.S.-based blockchain and artificial intelligence infrastructure provider Core Scientific announced on Tuesday that it has opened a new data center for powering blockchain infrastructures.