AI Boost Coming to Kyron Robotics Automation

Kryon, a provider of robotic process automation (RPA) solutions, this month announced the launch of AI Booster, a set of artificial intelligence (AI) services based on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services that will be be integrated into the Kryon Automation Suite later this fall.

RPA solutions let software "robots" automate repetitive tasks and execute multi-step workflows. For instance, a solution can be configured to acknowledge receipt of a form, assess and extract the data in it, and then use that data to automatically do things like file the information, initiate a transaction, and inform appropriate managers of any action taken.

According to Kryon, AI Booster will enable a "unified RPA and AI experience that delivers smarter end-to-end deployment and management through a single, intuitive platform." It uses machine learning to extract from documents, forms and receipts elements like text, value pairs and tables. The software is able to comprehend the layout and relationships between fields it discovers to pull information from documents.

Harel Tayeb, chief executive officer of Kryon, said AI Booster will enhance the ability of its RPA suite to leverage natural communication methods to understand and interpret users' needs. "This launch takes us to the next level of consciously feeding information and understanding an enterprise's data movements, generating more intelligent analysis and superior outcomes," he commented in a prepared statement, calling the product "a natural outgrowth of our innovative, advanced business users' interface strategy."

In addition, AI Booster enables optical character recognition that can read both printed and handwritten text in images, and extracts both types of text for use in searches.

Finally, advanced text analytics will allow robots to "quantify human intent and apply it to business processes through four different types of highly effective analysis," the company said in a statement.

Kryon expects AI Booster to have a sharp impact on organizations handling unstructured and structured data from documents, including the banking, financial services and insurance (BSFI) sector and customer service fields. AI Booster is expected to appear in version 19.4 of the Kryion Automation Suite.

About the Author

Michael Desmond is an editor and writer for 1105 Media's Enterprise Computing Group.