New Industrial IoT Suite for Shop Equipment Monitoring Debuts

On Tuesday Detroit, Mich.-based Plex Systems announced Plex Industrial IoT, a new industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) suite of tools for shop floor IoT monitoring, maintenance and automated asset management. It is set to launch in July 2019.

"Plex is lowering the barrier to entry for manufacturers to realize the benefits offered by IIoT by creating a plug-and-play offering," commented Richard Murray, chief product officer of Plex Systems, in a prepared statement. "This solution suite will level the playing field for big and small manufacturers alike."

Plex Industrial IoT offers factories continuous asset performance management via access to historical IIoT data, plus real-time assessment tools to identify occurrences such as efficiency dips and machine failures. Pre-built, customizable dashboards allow for further analytics and real-time monitoring of live data. The system also offers comparisons against historical trend data for help predicting possible downtime, the company said.

"We are really excited about the ability to tie quality and part-level performance expectations to asset performance -- information that has traditionally been extremely difficult to generate," said Bob Bierwagen, vice president of digital strategy, MPI Corporation. "With this information available we can both correlate data as well as understand causality in order to make the operational improvements that will positively impact our bottom line."

More information about the suite can be found here.

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