FogHorn Launches IIoT Machine Learning Edge Solution for Android

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based FogHorn recently announced the launch of Lightning Mobile, a new edge computing solution designed for industrial machine learning-focused mobile devices running Android.

FogHorn specializes in intelligent edge computing solutions for IIoT, but the company says this release is it's first specifically designed to give, for example, field technicians and others using battery-powered devices real-time analytics and machine learning without being dependent on connectivity to the cloud.

"Properly trained [machine learning]models can be deployed on industrial devices to accurately predict asset productivity, failure conditions and significantly enhance machine performance based on the real-time data," commented FogHorn CT Sastry Malladi in a prepared statement.

"For industrial organizations using Android-powered mobile devices, edge-based machine learning enables massive operational improvements, facilitating real-world IIoT use cases including next-generation barcode scanners and power-efficient monitors and sensors," he continued.

Some other example uses cases the company cites include:

  • Next-generation bar code scanners with on-the-fly image reconstruction
  • Device health and battery monitoring
  • Portable factory environmental monitors

"Over 8 percent of mobile operating systems worldwide are Android. For FogHorn's customers, more of their operations technology staff can leverage edge intelligence for real-time analytics in the field, without the restriction of fixed-position devices," commented Mike Guilfoyle, director of research at ARC Advisory Group, regarding the release.

More information on Lighting Mobile can be found here.

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