News Launches New Smart IIoT Platform for Manufacturers

San Francisco, Calif.-based, developers of the CrateDB SQL platform designed for "real-time machine learning and IoT applications" (along with the company's Crate Cloud and Crate IoT Data platforms), this week announced a new product just for the manufacturing industry: Crate IoT Data Platform for Discrete Manufacturing.

"The Crate IoT Data Platform can be configured quickly to integrate and analyze hundreds of different data points from across all of your factories," the company said of the new product. "When the Crate IoT Data Platform detects or predicts an unusual change in data, it alerts an expert factory operator in mission control...[It can also] support most any reporting or data dashboard requirements you have."

According to the company, the new platform is built on CrateDB, as well as the company's Crate Machine Data Platform. Features unique to those required by discrete manufacturers were then added, including a new IoT Data Platform for Discrete Manufacturing, which offers "core capabilities for IoT device management, data enrichment, data science (including AI and machine learning), and dashboards," and is designed to work with "massive" volumes of data, as well as real-time sensor behavior. said the product is currently available for purchase and, in fact, is already installed in more than 20 factories worldwide.

More information can be found here.

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