Is the Power of 5G Being Underestimated?

According to a recent survey by Accenture of almost 2,000 executives and IT decision makers in mid-size to large businesses in 10 countries, most said they think 5G will enable "very few" things that can't already be accomplished, with only 37 percent saying they "expect 5G to bring a 'revolutionary' shift in speed and capacity."

And that's not all: While 70 percent said they believe that 5G will give them an edge with their customers, 72 percent said they need help "imagining the future possibilities and use cases" that come with 5G.

Another 60 percent said there is a distinct lack of knowledge among communication service providers about the specific challenges to using 5G to innovate within their industry.

According to the survey, the energy sector is most bullish about 5G's revolutionary impact, while the public sector has the "lowest total awareness" regarding 5G.

Anders Lindblad, Accenture's Communications & Media industry lead for Europe, commented in a prepared statement, "Despite the knowledge gap, there is excitement among business leaders about the value that 5G can bring to enterprises. This value is currently trapped within the perceived risks and uncertainty around 5G, which can be unlocked by organizations that understand customer needs, can overcome barriers to adoption and can drive collaboration among service providers."

More information can be found in the official announcement of the study, here.

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