Arm Sees Neoverse Serving as Infrastructure for Edge, IoT, 5G Future

In October Arm announced its line of Arm Neoverse solutions, offerings specifically designed for 5G and edge networks that the company says will provide the "performance, security and scalability" required for the microarchitecture of the future.

The processesor roadmap outlines outlines edge-focused offerings, starting in early 2018 with the Ares platform, with gains of 30 percent performance (or more).

Neoverse offerings will support up to a trillion IoT devices.

"Arm Neoverse IP will enable a broad set of our ecosystem partners to transform infrastructure from cloud to edge and push compute to where it's most needed, store data where most appropriate, and evolve networking to securely connect this complex world," commented Arm's Drew Henry, senior vice president and general manager, in a prepared statement.

"Developing products for the infrastructure is complicated. From high-performance servers to power efficient edge compute platforms to gateways and WAN routers, meeting all of the diverse and demanding requirements is only possible with a broad ecosystem built upon architectures which are high performance, secure and scalable<" Henry commented in a blog post announcing Neoverse. "Arm is committed to enabling the Neoverse ecosystem and have decided to deepen our investment with a dedicated set of products and architectures specifically tailored for these needs."

Read more about Neoverse on Arm's Web site here.

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