BlackBerry Announces New Security, Connectivity for Enterprise IoT

Last week at a security summit in London, Waterloo, Ontario-based BlackBerry officially announced a new secure, connected platform within its BlackBerry Spark Enterprise of Things (EoT) offering.

According to BlackBerry, BlackBerry Spark is now "built for ultra-secure hyperconnectivity from the kernel to the edge" and will let customers create "entirely new user experiences that take advantage of hyperconnectivity." Plus, it's designed with regulatory compliance in mind, the company said.

Some of the specific features BlackBerry is touting include contextual device management via AWS IoT, the ability for OEMs to work directly with a secure BlackBerry hardware root via the BlackBerry Network Operations Center, Office 365 integrations via the BlackBerry Bridge product, UEM notifications for real-time alerts and monitoring, and "intelligent security" via "continuous, contextual authentication," among others.

"BlackBerry's technology provides the ultra-security needed in today's hyperconnected world," said Charles Eagan, chief technology officer of BlackBerry, in a prepared statement announcing the release. "From the office to the factory, we're proud to be the only company that can provide a single platform to help organizations rapidly build and deploy innovative new solutions for their customers."

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