IIoT and Machine Learning Coming Together for Embedded Apps

Earlier this month manufacturing services company Jabil and Tibco Software and jointly announced a new partnership designed to bring machine learning capabilities to embedded apps for industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) use cases.

In the partnership, Jabil will build the embedded apps based on Tibco's Project Flogo, an open-source project designed for IoT.

"Collaborating with a leading electronic services manufacturing company brings Tibco's market-leading offerings to a key global industry," said Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, vice president of product management, Tibco, in the official announcement of the partnership. "As we continue to evolve Project Flogo's edge computing and machine learning capabilities, we're confident our relationship with Jabil will have a lasting impact on the future of IIoT and advance the manufacturing industry."

"Tibco brings a wealth of expertise in the areas of software-based edge compute frameworks, as well as machine learning and analytics," commented Carey Paulus, vice president, global business units, Jabil. "We're very excited to kick off this new relationship to deliver innovative IoT solutions that enable our customers to explore new business models and build stronger consumer relationships."

Project Flogo is Go-based, open source ecosystem that developers can use to build event-driven apps. According to Tibco, some of the benefits of Flogo - - aside from its event-driven focus with a programming model based on triggers and actions -- are that it's 20 to 50 times lighter than Java or Node.js, it's "ultra-lightweight" for IoT edge deployments, and is designed for native machine learning with TensorFlow SavedModel inferencing.

No timeline was given on when the first products from the partnership may be released.

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