Nutanix Announces Intelligent Edge Service for IoT

Nutanix recently announced Xi IoT, a new edge computing service that works with the company's Xi Cloud Services and is designed to provide real-time, intelligent edge computing capabilities for Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

"Xi IoT eliminates complexity, accelerates the speed of deployment and elevates developers to focus on the business logic powering IoT applications and services," the company commented in its announcement of the product. "Xi IoT Data Pipelines can securely move intelligently analyzed data to a customer's public (Azure, AWS or GCP) or private cloud platform of choice for long-term analysis."

According to the company, Xi IoT offers security, management and infrastructure features, as well as tools to ease deployment (via "zero-touch" setup) and a library of APIs for data analysis and real-time autonomous decision making at the local edge point.

Xi IoT is Kubernetes-based.

According to a product data sheet, here's how the Xi IoT architecture works and the options it offers customers: "Nutanix Xi IoT is comprised of a SaaS control plane and Xi Edge platform running on an edge device. The SaaS control plane provides an end-to-end platform that is centrally managed from the cloud through a user-friendly interface for application development and operations to easily deploy thousands of edge locations. Using Xi IoT, Nutanix customers can either deploy Xi Edge bare metal or as virtual machine (VM) on shared or dedicated nodes."

Xi IoT is currently available. Nutanix said it is focusing on certain markets at launch, including smart cities, health care and manufacturing.

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